About the Diving Rebels

Who we are: We are friends who dive, talk diving, and get together socially.

Meetings: Typically held at J. Gilligan’s restaurant in Arlington, Texas on the first Wednesday of each month, with our social hour from 6:30 PM to 7:00 and Club meeting at 7:00 PM. Check our website for details.

What we are: We are an independent, not for profit SCUBA club, not directly affiliated with any dive shop, though we do appreciate the support of many of the dive shops in the North Texas area. On occasion we will coordinate events and activities with them.

Purpose: To promote diving and dive education through meetings, programs and guest speakers. All diving members must have a nationally recognized certification as a SCUBA diver and are responsible for their own safety decisions. We help refresh dive skills, discuss safety practices, and equally enjoy the safety of numbers and diverse skill levels.

Dive outings: Monthly dive outings are organized for trips to various Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas lakes, often including games and/or contests with prizes. Some of the more memorable outings in the past have been at San Marcos Springs and Lake Travis in Texas, Lake Ouachita in Arkansas, Tyler State Park, coordinated trips to Cozumel, Bonaire, Roatan, and Utila.

Social Outings: When not diving or having the monthly meeting, we like to get together for a Restaurant of the Month dinner and other ad hoc activities. Annual events including Mid Year party, Chili our Christmas Party.

History: The history of the Diving Rebels has been one full of exciting adventure and safe diving. Formed in 1958 by a tri county rescue and salvage team, it is one of the oldest dive clubs in the United States. Since its start, many members have helped to give the Club its outstanding reputation in the diving community. Members have been publicly cited for feats of lifesaving, and search and recovery work.

Skill Levels: All certified divers are welcome! We are comprised of beginners, through seasoned veterans, tech divers, commercial divers and all sorts of specialties.

Annual Dues: Typically, $20 with some discount for family members.

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