Diving Rebels Scuba Club
Outing/Event Postponement/Cancellation Plan

The Diving Rebels Scuba Club hosts monthly outings and events that may be postponed/cancelled due to extreme weather conditions or other factors that might threaten the safety of the club’s members and guests. When making a decision to postpone/cancel an event, the safety of ALL participants is of the utmost importance and will be the number one factor in making the decision.

A decision to cancel an event will be made as soon as it can be determined that cancellation is necessary and will be based on weather reports and/or emergency services announcements. Unless there are extenuating circumstances that require cancellation of an event at the last moment including, but not limited to, wildfire, earthquake, terrorism, or government mandate, the decision will be made at a minimum of 72 hours prior to the scheduled start of the event.  If no postings, emails have been received, or the Club voicemail recording indicate otherwise, the event is still a go. To ensure that everyone is notified of the postponement/cancellation, the following process will be followed:

1.  The Outing/Event Coordinator will contact the Activities Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and via phone at 682-334-2343 and express his/her concern and his/her desire to postpone/cancel the event.

2.  The Activities Director will contact the Board of Directors via email expressing the concerns and the potential dangers of continuing with the event as planned.

3.  The Board of Directors will discuss the potential dangers concerning the event via email or conference call and provide input into the decision to postpone/cancel the event; however, the final decision to continue with or postpone/cancel the event is the responsibility of the Activities Director and Outing Coordinator.  

4.  If after consulting with the Board of Directors, the Activities Director and Outing Coordinator decide to postpone/cancel the event, the following immediate actions will be taken:

-The Webmaster will update the website to indicate that the event has been postponed/cancelled.

-The Activities Director, Newsletter Editor, or the Activities Director’s designee will send an email to the Newsletter Mailing List announcing the postponement/cancellation of the event.

-The Activities Director will update the message within Google Voice application (phone number 682-334-2343) to announce that the event has been postponed/cancelled. The message will be removed at what would have been the scheduled end of the postponed/canceled event.

-The Meetup Administrator will cancel the event in Meetup and notify the Meetup members by email of the postponement/cancellation.

-A member of the Board of Directors, designated during the discussion in Step 3, will update the Diving Rebels Facebook page to announce the postponement/cancellation.

5.  At the next regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting, the board will discuss the feasibility of rescheduling the postponed/cancelled event. If the board decides to reschedule the event, a date will be set and notification will be made in the upcoming edition of The Rebel Yell, the Diving Rebels Scuba Club website, Meetup and at the next regularly scheduled monthly membership meeting.

Note: The process outlined above may be modified by the Board of Directors if a better way can be found to notify club members/guests of the postponement/cancellation of a scheduled outing/event. Any changes to the process will be presented to the membership at a regularly scheduled monthly meeting for member input and suggestions.