2018 DRIFT Dollars Program.

The Diving Rebels Scuba Club’s Board of Directors has decided to simplify the Diving Rebels Invite Frequent Togetherness (DRIFT) Points program by making members responsible for tracking their own points and by turning it into a “DRIFT Dollars” program, as described below.

Diving Rebels Scuba Club members can earn DRIFT Dollars by organizing, coordinating, and participating in club activities as defined below. Each member of the club will receive a DRIFT Card that he/she is responsible for and should treat like cash. Members will present their cards at meetings and outings to be stamped for the appropriate number of points as outlined below. DRIFT cards will not expire at the end of each year but will carry over until they are filled up or until the member wishes to redeem them. Also, as the card fills up with stamps, the member may request an additional card. Each DRIFT point’s trading power is $0.50. When the member wishes to do so, he/she can use DRIFT Dollars to “purchase” at the cash discount price a variety of items, such as membership renewals or Diving Rebels’ Rebel Wear merchandise.


Points Awarded

Attend a scheduled monthly meeting

1 point

Provide a presentation at a monthly meeting

3 points

Attend a scheduled social outing

1 point

Attend a scheduled dive outing (attendance only)

1 point per day

Conduct a dive during a dive outing (20-minute minimum)

2 points per dive

Participate in a club organized blue water trip

10 points maximum per trip


Organize and plan an outing or social event

5 points per day

Serve as Meal Share Coordinator

3 points per meal coordinated

Support an outing, e.g., logistics, supplies, activity support, judging an event, Christmas Party committees, KP duty during outing

1 point per activity

Early arrival to secure an outing overnight location

2 points to primary volunteer


Bring a guest to a meeting

1 point per guest

Bring a guest to an outing (age 10+)

1 point per guest

Guest subsequently becomes a member

2 points


Individual actions of an exceptional nature in response to an extraordinary situation or services provided with direction or permission of the board

2–4 points at the discretion of the Board of Directors


Run for a Board of Directors position for which the member is eligible.

5 points

  • Outings extending over multiple days, with the exception of blue water trips, will be scored on a daily basis.
  • Lost cards are replaced with a new blank card. Forgotten cards are not stamped later.
  • The Board of Directors may modify or end the program at any time without notice.
  • Any disputes may be submitted to the Senior Board Member or his/her designated representative. All disputes will be reviewed by the Board of Directors, and decisions of the board are final.