Fellow and future divers, no greater fun can be had than at the annual April outing at Tyler State Park, April 11-13.  If you have not had the chance to get your gear wet lately, then your chance to dip your fin in the water will take place at the Tyler S.P. outing located at 789 Park Road 16, Tyler, TX 75706-3630 PH (903) 597-5338.


What diving conditions can you expect?

Moderate temperatures about of about 70-72 degrees (based on past diving averages) with visibility of about 20’ or more above 12’ (again, based on past dives). The depth of the lake is about 20-23 feet so one tank will last some people all weekend, but you may want to bring two filled tanks.  Please be aware that there is not any place local to fill a tank so make sure you bring them already filled and plenty of tanks to last all the dives you want to make.  Watch for more specifics in the April newsletter!


What can I expect to see?

You will see a variety of fish but mainly bass who are spawning.  You will see turtles and other aquatic life.  Above water will be a variety of fowl, raccoons and squirrels.  You may even get lucky and see a deer or two depending on if you venture on the trails around the lake.


What weather conditions can you expect?

Folks, this is Texas so your guess is as good as mine! Keep an eye on the weather man and remember, when diving you are already wet so what does it matter?  If you are tent camping, remember it can get chilly at night. Think about bringing some of those little heat packs – you can get larger sizes that will really heat up your sleeping bag and keep your toes toasty warm!  Also if you could bring a piece of wood or two for the fire that would be great!


What will we do when we are not diving?

We will hang out, talk about past and future adventures, and eat good food. If you have a game that you think others would enjoy and it is not too complicated, then by all means bring it along and it could become an outing HIT.  In addition to all this fun, Tyler State Park does offer the option to rent paddle boats, canoes and small (oar driven) fishing boats.  Who can imagine a trip to the state park without trying their hand at fishing?  *Remember that you do not have to have a fishing license to fish while in the state park.


When can I show up, how long can I stay and where will everyone be?

You can show up any time after 2:00pm on Friday, April 11th and check out will be 2:00 pm Sunday, April 13th.  We will have some Rebels at the park early on Friday to claim our sites in Lakeview, but according to park rules we cannot set up until 2:00pm unless it is not currently occupied.  We will not know what sites we will have until the day of the outing, but just ask the Park Rangers and they should be able to help you. Look for the famous Diving Rebels banner.  These sites in Lakeview have water and electricity so we should be pretty comfortable!    Click here for a map of Tyler State Park.


OK! All the above is great but what about the food?

Well I am glad you asked that question, I cannot believe it took you this long. It will go like this:

Friday-Fend for yourself
Saturday- Meal share for Breakfast: Coordinator Needed
Lunch: Coordinator Needed
Dinner: Coordinator Needed
Sunday-Coordinator Needed

Items Worthy of Mention:
1. Coordinators are reimbursed for cost minus the amount of Meal Share. “Be Advised” that the Treasurer is not required to be at the outing so reimbursement may have to be done at the next Member Meeting or a check mailed to you by the Treasurer.
2. The cost for the Outing is a flat cost, regardless of how many meals you enjoy. The reason is cost of the sites are rolled into the food expenses along with any other expenses incurred by the Coordinators for that outing, including prizes. The amount allowed by the Club Budget is then deducted from the total and divided among all the attendees!
3. If you are a meal coordinator please be aware of your expenses and try not to make your meals too expensive but obviously never sacrifice displaying your individuality or the meal’s good taste.


Well I am hooked but what is the cost?

Basically the cost for the outing will be relatively inexpensive. In past years generally you will pay $10-$15 per person.  As I mentioned above that includes all meals, campsites and activities. **Note: You will need to pay $5 per person per day to get into the state park; there is no way around that, but if you have a Texas State Park Pass you won’t have to pay those fees. If you know of someone who has one, invite them along and then get in free yourself!

We look forward to seeing everyone at the outing and know you will have a good time. Remember to practice safe diving techniques as you always should and NEVER dive without a buddy! There are many of us who are new to the diving world and look to all the seasoned divers to keep us in check and our skills sharp. Being a Diving Rebel should not be about breaking the rules but rebelling against complacency in your diving skills.