Athens Scuba Park Outing
500 N. Murchison St., Athens, TX 75751
August 24 (This was erroneously marked as the 31st)
Come join the Diving Rebels Scuba Club at Athens Scuba Park () on August 31, Sept 1 for a weekend of food; fun; fellowship; and, of course, diving. This is an unplanned get together, so bring your own food camp gear or whatever. 
If you’ve never been to Athens, the town is about 1½ hours southeast of Dallas, and Athens Scuba Park is about a mile from the downtown square. Unfortunately, because of the water’s pH level, you won’t see fish, but the park’s owner, Calvin Wilcher, has sunk numerous wrecks to dive on over the years, so there’s a lot to explore.
There are numerous places to camp at the park, and electrical hook-ups are available for RVs (if you need one, you can reserve a spot online at or by phone at [903] 675-5762). The park also has bathroom and shower facilities.
The entry fee for diving is $20.00, and divers must have their C-cards. The fee for Friday or Saturday camping or night diving is $5.00, and electrical hook-ups for RVs cost $25.00. You can get an air fill for $10.00. For more information about Athens Scuba Park, check out their website at

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OCTOBER OUTING – PUMPKIN CARVING at Possum Kingdom Lake with "My Scuba Shop"

For this month’s outing, will be participating in the Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest hosted by My Scuba Shop in Weatherford

WHEN: OCTOBER 19 –starting at 12 noon

WHERE: Inland Divers Association property

ENTRY FEE: $10  + bring your favorite dish and beverages (grilled items provided)      


WHY: to have fun and they promise to have prizes

PLEASE… PLEASE respond on My Scuba Shop Underwater Pumpkin Carving Event on face book page if you plan to attend.


*********** Seeking a Social Coordinator: This is a fairly light workload position and has the added advantage of letting you have a big input on where we will eat/party.

******Always Seeking Restaurants: We have picked January's, but need some more ideas for months going forward. If you have a favorite restaurant, preferably not a chain, please let a board member know (or once we get our Social Coordinator, let him/her know)

PLAN AHEAD – ROM for March & April



March 13 - 7pm

O'Shea's Irish Pub

310 Grapevine Highway

Hurst 76054

(817) 577-4006

Live music begins at 9:30pm.  The band for March 13 is "Live 80."  They play music from the 1980s.  Warning: SMOKING in pub.

Food: pizza, burgers, salads, wraps, sandwiches

Alcohol: craft beers, cider beers, stout beers, premium and domestic beers, wine and cocktails

RSVP by March 7- Ellen Fourton- 817-307-8527 – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

April 10 – 7pm

Catfish Sam’s

Fried catfish, shrimp and other non-seafood entrees

2735 W Division St, Arlington, TX 76012

Phone: (817) 275-9631

This is an Arlington fixture and their specialty is fried catfish but they also serve some alternatives to fish/seafood.  They do have a bar.

Food: appetizers, catfish dinners, seafood dinners, burgers, chicken sandwiches

Alcohol: beer, wine, and cocktails




* Please always check the Diving Rebels’ Facebook page or website ( to verify the RoM’s date and location. 

Restaurant of the Month (ROM)  

(Second Friday after the meeting)

7:00 PM

                      ----------- 2020 -----------





 Fasting from Xmas/Thanksgiving



February 21

 Café Bella  Ft. Worth


 O'Shea's Irish Pub Hurst


 Catfish Sam’s  Arlington




               Host a month!


          You KNOW you have  


        a resturaunt you want to   




November 15th




  ----------- 2019 -----------





January 11

 Los Jimadores

 Bedford            5 Tanks


February 15

Sam Won Garden Restaurant  Ft. Worth          3 Tanks  

March 23

Meso Maya Looking at combining this
with DR visit to Perot Mueseum movie.
 Dallas               5 Tanks  

 April 12

 Jamaca Gates   Arlington           3 Tanks  

May 10th

Cafe Italia              Becky coordinating  Grapevine  

June 14 th

Sikhay Thai             Elizibeth Neuman     Ft. Worth           5 Tanks  

July 19th

Istanbul Grill          Ellen coordinating  Arlington            4.5 Tanks  

August 16th

 Campo Verde         Dale coordinating  Arlington            4.5 Tanks  

September 20 th

 Chop House Burger    Greg Biggs  Arlington

             ----------Last Year - 2018 Restaurants ----------





March 16th

Spazzio’s Italian Cantina

2500 NE Green Oaks Blvd. Arlington, Texas 76006

March 14th

April 13th


432 S. Main, Grapevine, Texas, 76051

April 11th

May 11th

Light Catcher Winery

6925 Confederate Park Rd/FM 1886, Fort Worth, 76108

May 9th

June 15th

Los Vacqueros Restaurant

2629 North Main St., Fort Worth, TX 76164

June 13th

July 13th

Jamaica Gate

1020 W Arkansas Ln., Arlington, Texas 76013

July 11th

August 10th

Flight on the Lake

9307 Boat Club Rd Fort Worth, TX 76179

August 8th

September 14th

Star of India

703 W. Park Row Dr. Arlington, TX 76013

September 12th

October 12th

Tio Carlos

4843 Colleyville Blvd. #330, Colleyville, TX 76034


November 16th

Taste of Thai

2535 E. Arkansas Ln.

Arlington, TX 76010

November 14th

Chinese Auction

The Diving Rebels Scuba Club will hold our traditional Chinese Auction during the November 6th  membership meeting.

What is the Chinese auction? Well, it’s more fun than a lake full of Diving Rebels! The Chinese auction is not only the biggest Diving Rebels fundraiser but also one of the most entertaining of our monthly meetings.

The way the auction works is this: we have a live auction for donated gifts. What makes the auction special is that the items being auctioned are wrapped and unknown to the audience. What is being auctioned might be a dive computer, fins, boxes of Girl Scout cookies, or just about anything else. BUT REMEMBER, the item must be new and of a minimum value of $25. Think of it this way: you should donate an item that you would actually want yourself if you didn't already have two.

After you win an item by high bid, you have the choice of either keeping the item or forcing a trade for whatever item was won before yours. The kicker is that you have to decide to trade or not to trade before you unwrap your item. The previous bid winner may have won the bid for a dive knife that you want. If you trade, you’ll trade off your wrapped item for the dive knife not knowing what you traded away. You know that you’ll get the dive knife, but what did you give up for it? Maybe it’s a wet suit; maybe it’s a new dive computer or even a Caribbean trip. As trades can only go back to one previous round, the bid winner before you will unwrap whatever you swapped him/her. He cannot have it taken away nor can he force a swap for any other previously auctioned items.

Your item, whether you swap or not, may be taken from you by the next winning bidder. You also must unwrap and disclose your item to the group. If some of this doesn’t make sense, don’t worry—it will be explained again at the November meeting.

What we ask you to bring is a new item with a minimum value of $25 that will be usable by the winner. (Not many people need a box of a/c air filters or 10 paving stones). The item should be wrapped in a nondescript wrapping—newspaper or paper bags are quite acceptable. Think about things you can talk your employer into donating or things you got two of for Christmas. BUT THE ITEM MUST BE NEW AND SOMETHING THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO HAVE YOURSELF!

Please come prepared to have fun and aggressively bid on those items you just can’t live without. If you want to win a bid on an item, bring some $$$$ as the competition sometimes becomes quite fierce, the banter hilarious, and the items worth the effort it takes to win them! One last thing, please be prepared to pay for your items by the end of the meeting as we won’t be able to track items for future payment.


Thanks to all, and we look forward to a big crowd and lots of fun.