Each year the Diving Rebels select the recipient of the awards that reflect participation and contributions to the club which are voted on at the November Membership Meeting.


The first is the Diver-of-the-Year, which should go to that member who has exemplified the greatest commitment to and achievement in improving his or her diving skills as well as participating in the diving activities of the Club. This person may be either an experienced diver or a novice diver. This person may not be the best or most experienced diver, but should be one whose enthusiasm for diving is unquestioned and can be counted on to contributes in a positive way to the Club outings. The tally of drift points may assist you in knowing who has been active in the club but does not include other things such as attaining additional certifications etc.


The second is the service award, which should be bestowed on that club member who has best exemplified a commitment to the welfare of the club. The commitment is evidenced by his or her contributions in the way of leadership, planning and participation in the activities of the Club, both of an organizational as well as a diving nature. This person may be either a long-time member or a new member. This person is that one who may be counted on to assist others and go above and beyond what might ordinarily be expected in the way of contributions to the Club.