No Holds Barred BBQ Cook-Off: Cedar Hill State Park

Due to unforeseen circumstances the venue has been moved: 

 Come join your fellow Diving Rebels at CM Abode 5608 Oakmont Lane, Fort Worth, TX 76112 on Saturday, November 11, for a “No Holds Barred BBQ Cook-Off”!  Pets are welcome in the backyard.

As an added attraction, we’re bringing back the “Cooking Area Decorating Contest” along with the BBQ Cook-Off itself, complete with cash prizes!!

The Diving Rebels Cook-Off is an amateur cooking contest and social community-building outing for the Diving Rebels Scuba Club, and members are highly encouraged to bring family members and guests. If you’re not BBQing, please bring sides to share that go with a BBQ theme. The club will provide plates, eating and serving utensils, napkins, cups, and water.

You must be a current dues-paying member to enter the Cook-Off; for the rest of the “Cook-Off Rules,” please click on the following link: Barbecue Rules and Structure. Remember, if you need an electrical connection for your BBQ, make sure you bring an appropriate length of outdoor-style cord. And plan to grill plenty of food to share with the judges and the rest of the Diving Rebels!

We really want members to participate, have fun, and have an equitable chance to win a prize due to their creative talent. We don’t care if you prepare hamburgers, salmon patties, hotdogs, ribs, chicken, pork chops, vegetables, or even TOFU! All entries will be judged on the same basis. Be creative—what are you really good at grilling? What is your passion?

Here’s the timetable for the outing.

Noon —Arrive CM Abode

4:00 pm—Table Captain starts Blind Judging process.

4:45 pm—All entries must be on the Entry Table.

5:00 pm—Table Captain delivers first round of entries to the Judging Table.

5:45 pm—Cooking Area Decorating Contest judging begins (3 prizes based on creativity, complexity, and theme related to entry).

6:15 pm—Winners are announced.

6:30 pm—Fun and community-building continues!

For more information, contact Kevin Schuck at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or phone the Diving Rebels at (682) 334-2343.