Wheeler Branch Outing


On Saturday, September 2, we will be heading to Wheeler Branch Park, 2099 County Road 301, Glen Rose, TX 76043, for a day of diving and hanging out with good friends! The entrance fee for adult non–Somerville County residents is $8 per person; the park opens at 7:00 am and closes at sunset. Wheeler Branch Park has a boat ramp with floating dock, a beach area that also has its own floating dock island, public restrooms, covered picnic areas, and a large pavilion. There is also a very nice fishing pier. Those Diving Rebels who have already been to Wheeler Branch have commented on the good diving there, so it sounds like a lot of fun. Dues paying members will have a portion of their $8 entrance fee refunded at the outing.  Afterwards, a trip to Hammond’s BBQ at 1106 NE Big Bend Trail, Glen Rose, Texas http://www.hammondsbbq.com/ seems to be a tasty idea and it is close to the park.

Check out the park’s website for directions and other details: http://www.scwd.com/about-the-park.html.