Our Board's composition is a strong, balanced blend of skills & experience, 
and offers guidance in core areas important to the Diving Rebels Scuba Club.


Jeffrey Bennett - Activities Director


Jeffrey became interested in diving in 2011 after moving from New York to Texas. He became a member of the Diving Rebels Scuba Club and has been a member for the last 5 years. He received his Open Water certification in 2011 and gained his Advanced Open Water certification in 2012. He has been diving for 6 yrs and has been involed with Aqua Trek Sports for the last 2 years where he is working on becoming an instructor.  Jeffrey has dove in Texas, New York, Florida and Oklahoma and is a Divemaster and Snorkel Instructor. He also has the following certifications: Dive Guide, Advanced Open Water, Master Diver, Diver Stress & Rescue, Science of Diving, Perfect Buoyancy, EAN Nitrox, Altitude Diving, and React Right.


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